Dog Rocks®

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Finally a product that is simple and easy to use that stops our two small dogs from killing our lawn. After only 4 weeks the old burn marks are growing back and no new patches. When we tell friends why we have rocks in our dogs bowl their first reaction is does it work and where can I buy them. Highly reccomend for any pet owner that is tired of their pets ruining their lawn.

– Cindy, from Kamloops, BC

I tell everyone about theses rocks and the difference it has made...I no longer fear my dogs leaving marks on the neighors' lawns' during walks!

– Romaine from Edmonton, Alberta


Use Dog Rocks® all year round to save your lawn.

Prevent Lawn Burn Patches with Dog Rocks®
Prevent Grass Burn Patches with Dog Rocks®
Prevent Lawn Yellow Patches with Dog Rocks®