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NEWS FLASH: Dog Rocks UK Distribution Ltd has announced that in the first 6 months of 2009 their entire 2008 sales figures have been beaten.
NEWS FLASH: Dog Rocks are now available in Canada.
NEWS FLASH: In the first 6 months of 2009 Pets at home (UK chain) have sold almost double the amount of Dog Rocks sold in their stores in the entire 12 months of 2008.
NEWS FLASH: Dog Rocks are now available at Harrods.

Pacific Imports & Distributors are proud to announce the arrival of Dog Rocks to Canada. My wife and I had used Dog Rocks for a number of years while living in Australia. Upon returning to Canada with our two beloved dogs, we were surprised that Dog Rocks were not available at any retail locations and could only be purchased online from either the US website or one of the other Dog Rocks websites. Dog Rocks are not an exact science but as sales have proven, once you have worked out the dosage required, the repeat sales ensure that they are a winner with our trade and retail customers.

In the UK Dog Rocks are stocked by all of the main veterinary, pet & garden centre wholesalers. They are also sold in chains of pet stores, the largest in the UK (243 stores) has seen it’s sales more than double year on year for the past three years, their item ever to do so and from Jan ’09 - June ’09 they have already doubled last years sales of the product; this is a good bench mark of how sales of the product have performed across the UK Pet, Vet and Garden Centre and Online Retail Market. Dog Rocks are laboratory tested to ensure no change to pH balance of water or urine through the use of this product. The UK Royal Family use Dog Rocks and they are also sold at the high end store Harrods of London.

Dog Rocks are sold in outers of 72 individual packs and each pack contains 6 display boxes each box contains 12 individual packs. Both outers and display boxes are bar coded. The pallet specifications are as follows:


Total packs on pallet 2304 bar-coded
Layers on pallet 4
Outers per layer 8 bar-coded
Display boxes per outer 6 bar-coded
Packs per outer 72 bar-coded
  • Dog Rocks are a 100% NATURAL & UNIQUE product
  • Dog Rocks ensure that you are not medicating your dog in any way
  • Dog Rocks do not change the pH balance of the dog’s urine, there are no side effects
  • Dog Rocks are hassle free, simply leave Rocks in water bowl & refresh water as usual
  • Dog Rocks need to be replaced every 2 months
  • Dog Rocks average Australian sales per month = 7000 Packs
  • Dog Rocks average UK sales per month = 6000 Packs

Please contact us for further information 604-375-7343 or 778-823-0195, alternatively email us at


  • Prevent Grass Burn Patches with Dog Rocks®
  • Prevent Lawn Burn Patches with Dog Rocks®
  • Prevent Yellow Lawn Patches with Dog Rocks®

Testimonials (see more ...)

Finally a product that is simple and easy to use that stops our two small dogs from killing our lawn. After only 4 weeks the old burn marks are growing back and no new patches. When we tell friends why we have rocks in our dogs bowl their first reaction is does it work and where can I buy them. Highly reccomend for any pet owner that is tired of their pets ruining their lawn.

– Cindy, from Kamloops, BC

I tell everyone about theses rocks and the difference it has made...I no longer fear my dogs leaving marks on the neighors' lawns' during walks!

– Romaine from Edmonton, Alberta


Use Dog Rocks® all year round to save your lawn.

Prevent Lawn Burn Patches with Dog Rocks®
Prevent Grass Burn Patches with Dog Rocks®
Prevent Lawn Yellow Patches with Dog Rocks®